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"Discover The Secrets to Successful Writing and Explode Your Profits, Get Better Grades and Impress Your Peers in Just Weeks!"
Easy Writing: A Practical Guide for Business Professionals
If You're a Business Professional, You'll Save Time and Earn More!
If You're a Student, You'll Save Time and Improve Your Grades!
From:       George Kirazian
Subject:    Making Your Writing More Compelling in 14 Days 
Dear Business Professional:
If you want to improve your writing but don't know where to begin, then this page is exactly what you've been looking for. 
Let's face it: for many people, writing a formal letter, report or essay is second only to giving a speech. It's high on the list of things to avoid!
If that sounds like you---
          ----if you flip a coin to decide whether to use a comma or a period;
          ----if your paragraphs end before they really say anything;
          ----if your reports and essays keep saying the same thing over and overthen it's time to change! 
                It's time to sharpen your writing skills and begin to take some pride in your writing!
"Easy Writing will help anyone who wants to improve their writing skills. The examples and writing models are simple and easy to follow. And the section on writing reports and booklets is a blessing."
Yvette H., West Warwick, RI

"I’ve tried other books; some were not so bad, others were a waste of money. Easy Writing makes it on my list of top essential books for writers because it works. Even if you are an accomplished writer you will learn how to better harness your skills. People will take you seriously and will want to do business with you."
Adelaide Kwaning,
A Proven Method
To Improve Your Writing in A FEW WEEKS
Now, will I be able to show you how to master the entire language in that time? Of course not. No one--no instructor, no course, no book---could do that.
But within weeks you will be writing clear, compelling sentences---sentences that have variety and effective word choice. (And you won't have to flip a coin to punctuate them!)  And most important,  your sentences will convey the genuine feeling you have for whatever you're writing about. In short, you'll write sentences that your readers will remember long after they finish reading them.
You'll also learn the art (yes, the Art....) of the paragraph. Paragraphs are the building blocks of your writing....But maybe your paragraphs aren't really paragraphs at all. Are they too short? Do they lack detail? Or worse: if you write the same type of paragraph over and over---whether you're writing a description, arguing a point, or explaining a technique---then you're not really writing paragraphs at all !  That would be like using a screwdriver to do every carpentry job---drill holes, hammer nails, saw 2 x 4's....
Ridiculous, isn't it? But that's exactly what you're doing when you write one type of paragraph, no matter what you're trying to say....
Finally, you'll master the longer forms: essays, reports, expository writing, articles---yes, even books. You'll learn how to put your ideas in logical order, develop them effectively, and conclude each main point convincingly. Remember: reports and books are not harder to write---they're just longer. If you know what you're doing in 2 pages, you'll know what to do in 200 pages.
But if you don't know what you're doing---well, I don't have to tell you what that's like....
Easy Writing will help you to write all three---sentence, paragraph, report---with greater confidence and control. You'll know what needs to be done, and you'll simply do it.... (And you won't have to stop every 10 minutes to take a word count!)
                                  Why Should You Believe Me?
               And Why Is Easy Writing Right For You?
For years, I've helped college students and business professionals improve their writing. Some of them hadn't been in a classroom for years. Others hadn't written a paragraph since high school.
But after we worked together, they developed new confidence and writing skills they never thought they had. And all the techniques they learned are in Easy Writing: A Practical Guide For Business Professionals.
Easy Writing isn't just a collection of tired old grammar and comma rules. You can buy a $5 or $6 paperback that'll give you all that. And you'll probably learn just about as much as you did in Mr. Elkenberg's 9th grade English class....
So what does all this mean to you? Just this: I know how to help people improve their writing. I've taken all my experience of working with poor writers, non-writers---including those who have given up on themselves---and condensed it into the 3 easy-to-grasp sections of my book.
And there are numerous examples, suggestions and practice sessions that'll shorten your learning curve even more.... The book starts with basic sentences, and 125+ pages later develops them into a detailed, convincing essay---with help all along the way.
Take a look at the Table of Contents in the Excerpts page (link above). You'll see exactly what each section of my book focuses on. Perhaps you already write effective sentences, but have problems with paragraphs or essay structure. Or maybe you can develop your ideas into a report, but are still uncomfortable with sentence structure.....
Whatever you need help with, there's a section that discusses it, and shows you how to do it better....
What do you need to start benefitting from my program? Not much. You don't even have to know the subject and verb of a sentence. All you really need is an ear, a willingness to write better, and the belief that you can write better!
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                                  Do you have any of these writing issues?
Here are 5 common problems many people have with writing. Which do you want to overcome?
  • *  Most people are intimidated by the writing process. "I'm just not a writer!" they say.
  • *  Others think they have to know all about perfect sentence structure, or their writing won't be effective.
  • *  Many say they're "too rusty to write. I haven't written anything since high school!"
  • *  And too many believe that writing is "a gift" they just don't have.
  • *  Sadly, others don't even know where to begin....
But these are the very reasons I wrote this book. I want you to know that there is a solution to your writing problems, and that solution is Easy Writing!
What are some other benefits Easy Writing offers you?
    * You won't have to labor over your next writing project or assignment. Whether it's for the conference room or the classroom, you won't be intimidated. You'll welcome the challenge, you'll meet it, and you'll get it done on time!
    *  You'll save time. You won't sit and stare at a blank page until it's as big as Wyoming. Instead, you'll jump write in, drafting ideas to focus on and develop. You'll save lots of time....
   * Words are power, and when you master them, they give you that power. Master them, and you will achieve more, you will earn more.... 
To summarize: Within weeks---not months or semesters!---you'll learn how to
     * Structure and develop the longer forms: reports, business plans, expository essays, ebooks--yes, even books---with new  confidence and skill. 
     * Create well-structured paragraphs that will focus on and expand your ideas
     * Write clear, emphatic sentences without worrying if they are clear and correct.
Remember: Never be intimidated by the writing process or by any writing assignment. You have the ability to write effectively. All you need to do is discover and release that ability.
Easy Writing will guide you on that path to discovery. Buy it now for only $19.95! I'll pay the shipping.
(Note: If you've read this far and have decided not to buy Easy Writing, perhaps the reason is because you were hoping to get some bonus titles along with your purchase. I'll soon be including some bonuses. I haven't listed them here because I want to choose quality titles to give you---not the same old tired ebooks that have been circulating on the 'Net for the past 5 years.... But don't worry: If you purchase Easy Writing now, you'll receive the bonuses as soon as I decide which ones are worth giving....)
Thank you.
George Kirazian
P S. If you're skeptical about improving your writing in just weeks, take me up on my guarantee. Buy the book. Try it yourself for 30 days. And if you don't see the improvement in half that time, just ask, and I'll rush you a 100% refund.

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